Sunday, August 25, 2013


Our Rule:

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...Report from Church and Non Profit Services 8-24-13

Things have been ever changing with all of these banks and factoring companies handling everyone's mortgages. As humanitarians we can navigate through this madness together to achieve our bottom line of fairness and equality amongst all of our people. We may be helping you directly, but all of our efforts inevitably benefit all people in the long run. Since we began helping people with their mortgage issues we have seen huge change in procedure within the banks. Some of good, some of it bad.

Recently we suffered a negative blow from 2 male individuals who failed to pay us for a huge amount of work done.  Unfortunately this has greatly hurt us in our ability to function at any level. All services offered by us are tax deductible and the only reason we offer a wide variety of things is to generate monies to be utilized for our continued causes in helping people like you.

As much as I HATE to report this, I actually don't have a choice because of the many commitments we have made to report ALL findings, patterns, and emerging trends we are seeing in the 'corporate' sector of business. (The mindless entities who are in business ONLY to profit). We are extremely upset to have to accept this, and or report it you.

Our Church was formed in 2006, the Non Profit Corp. was formed in 2009. Since then we have been keeping records of incidents from then to now. What has emerged from doing this is a clear pattern of female discrimination, female abuse, and women run entities being taken advantage of.

Statistically we have been scammed by (2) women (since 2007), and 20 men. The (2) women were in fact real scam artists, so it turns out. One was a professional tenant who beat us out of a lot of rent, bounced checks, and a host of other torrid things. The other woman forged my name on a federal loan document, and manipulated the loan to abscond monies that were due the borrower, (my mother). The 20 men who took advantage were a variety of tenants, mechanics, car dealers, (so called) credit experts, attorneys, loan reps, and more. Every single male who is on our report blatantly violated all agreements made, failed to pay as agreed in leases, failed to honor anything they claimed to do, and in the end they ALL skipped without ANY consideration of the damages they caused, or the money they still owed. We are having to write off more than 20 cases of losses just in the last year. The moral here is 90 % or more of the damage we are seeing society wide is being committed by men alone. We are very alarmed by these emerging facts, and are moving to implement more stringent procedures to protect us from this in the future. Another emerging fact that was prevalent was that ALL of the cases were 'male only' type entities, or sole proprietorships, with no women involved. THAT is the common denominator coming out of our historic recordings. What this means is that there is zero DIVERSITY in firms, or proprietors like this. It is a warning sign to pay attention to and be aware of that ANY firm existing without any women are already discriminating women to begin with. It is a distinct pattern and trend that is coming out of ongoing factually recorded data. Our New Rule: NO DIVERSITY? NO DEAL!

WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? Because ALL people need to be aware of the truth.
Also because you have children growing up in this word, and I fear for them and what they are in store for in the future. If we don't make an effort to correct this now, we will be in store for tremendous atrocities continueing against women and children. I AM ONE OF THEM! Which is why I am so committed to our causes, efforts and mission to protect ALL of us. As we can all see this economic collapse of our society is far to large for our government, or any government to handle. AS YOU CAN SEE. We feel sticking together IS THE ANSWER NOW in order to pave a new path for our people that is safe, productive, and enhancing to life in general.

Today we have survived this, storms, banks pillaging people, massive fraud (directly against OUR people), a complete failure to help anyone, droves of men abandoning their families and NOT paying any support, unemployment in masses, welfare going broke, social security (I paid into my whole working life) going caput, and still no service to the people. This is the current societal collapse of our people happening right before your eyes. Unfortunately WE cannot change the facts. BUT WE CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE TOGETHER!

PLEASE if you are currently working with us to create better results for our future, our families, and ALL people...Please make a donation to help us keep going. We are devastated with what is happening to us, to you, and all women and children who are literally starving to fight for all of our rights. WE ARE those people and without your help too - we won't survive without financial support. As we said in the past we have NO luxuries in life, like many other families do have. We are not interested in possessing material things, when there are people starving, children dying, and families being put out in the streets because of fraud being committed by banks. We have no desire to have pricey electronics, luxurious vacations, or even celebrations of any kind...while we are forced to watch our people suffer. Every penny our church and non profit brings in goes directly to our hard costs, and ability to continue. There is no profit, or paychecks for anyone who does this type of work. It is a commitment to love and selflessness that compels us to continue. We really do understand what everyone is going through, because WE are going through it with you every day. We have a birds eye view into many areas of life that need prompt attention to advance our people to a more productive level of living.

A lot needs to be said, and facts need to be in the forefront to help guide everyone safely. We share everything we do with you, both good and bad...because it is the truth and facts. We NEVER want to hear our members, or any consumer is being scammed, and will ALWAYS take all necessary action to help protect and fight for your rights. Without us, and other good non profit entities our people are in grave danger and that is a great concern for us at this point. Conclusive data and analysis shows we are operating with negative odds against us to the tune of about 80 - 90%. Without your support (the main thing keeping us going), we won't survive. We too have suffered one blow after another leading right up to today. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated beyond any words I could say and we thank you for your consideration.

This is about LOVE not hate and we need to end the hate system of operation we are all stuck in right now. We have 35 members we are helping with mortgage issues, 200 hundred members worldwide who support our causes, and over 10,000 direct keyword searches on our websites of people searching for: answers, self sustained farms, waste to renewable energy, investments in a green future, and much more. We have been hit by just about every sovereign nation in the world who has access to internet. The map below shows direct hits to just one of our sites. We want you to know what we know. This is only 3 months of direct hits on our site. The full map is virtually covered.
Thank you for your support and being an important part of our history. New rules apply now, and all of us must work together to make sure all of our fellow business women are protected from these firms who feel they can take advantage of women. We want 50% women and 50% men in all firms AT A MINIMUM. We won't settle for less! AND we're NOT going to take it anymore! 
WE feel YOU are THE most important asset on our planet...NOT PROFIT!

With Love and warmest regards,

Rev. HP Dawn
Blessings from us to you and your family! We pray every day for all of us.
We Love You and Thank You For All Your Support!

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