Friday, September 4, 2015

eWorkpt - Opportunities to work p/t at home for anyone

Side Job Income P/T for anyone already on a computer, phone, ipad, etc. If you're already spending time this may as well get paid for it!

Visit our secure link below. Join our group and learn how to earn passive side income. Big companies are already spending advertising money to get people to try their products or services...that's where your slice of the pie is. Already set aside for their advertising cost annually. It will be spent on their advertising whether you join in or not. Joining locks in your position to earn and learn how to tap into advertising of products and services usually for free, and free trial periods . You can earn p/t money if you are willing to form a p/t routine of posting ads, creating cross shares, posting to social media, and free sites, and be willing to try products for free/trials, and testing. Xamount of time yields xamount of results. Your time and routine will be consistent 2- 3 days per week (p/t) and you grow as you go.

This is a long term company with fortune 500 clients like Disney, Starbucks, Gamefly, and more. Must have a valid checking/debit to register and be paid. Direct deposit is setup once registered. Use secure form link. No info is shared with anyone. This opportunity is brought by church and non profit programs that actually work, and aim to help people. 

Secure Form to register:

Once you submit the form you will access a link to complete the registration, and then you can begin. There will be people to talk to (local), and help you navigate through the back office site. Emails with questions welcomed and encouraged.