Friday, November 20, 2015

Men Are Literally Hated Everywhere...People Need To Unite!

All Women I speak with, associate with, have as members, chat, do business with, etc., literally hate men. I am having trouble finding women who do not hate men. Are there any left? Geeze I don't even know what to think anymore with what I am witnessing myself. Men in general are just shitting on women across the board. I have been watching through research, statistics I study, (for my own personal reasons), dating analysis, direct surveying, and other conclude really horrifying results I never expected, nor wanted. I am traumatized by what I have witnessed in the many areas of contact with other women victimized, cases read of pending acts, and so much more I wish I could forget. I don't even want to reread/relive a lot of it actually.

The point to this blog is to shed light in areas needing improvement. I would have to say the only area of importance is for men to stop shitting on women. I was one of the few female led organizations who really believed men would turn this around and suddenly respect women. I could not have been more wrong. I am still one of the only organizations that exists that does not abuse men. Swimming in a sea of hatred from women in general to men in general, surrounded by the he-man-haters-clubs, in a criminally thriving environment of false identities, loose psychopaths, (we'll circle back to this), and hoards of deadbeat "so called" dads running rampant. Millions put out of their home unlawfully through fraudulent mortgage foreclosures, and an entire system being sucked into the fraud and revolving around "it" instead of the actual purpose of protecting people, towns, communities, states, and countries from all of it. Unfortunately they got sucked in and cannot get out now. Too many houses were stolen by fraudsters and "will not" be undone, otherwise fraudulent notes, judgments, and executions would  then be exposed rampantly throughout the entire court system. It has already happened and is ground in stone NOW. Now that the court system is monopolized by the landslide of cases unlawfully filed it is overloaded with more of that than of their actual function of upholding the laws of the land, and actually protecting our people. That function has been deceptively overridden by the bombardment of cases being filed for foreclosure. A bombardment creates a distraction big enough to suppress the nature of it's own true function. This is public for all eyes to see. (I sat in on 8 cases in supreme court - I can report I witnessed not one case was actually verified for suit, yet they were executing on judgments obtained unlawfully). I am horrified with what I have witnessed being done to so many people now I lost count, too many. 

I was forced to watch a single mom with 5 kids be put out in the street (in supreme court NY). She did not even know what was going on. I don't want to describe the details because it was really bad. The other case involves forgery of integral loan documents rendering the note void as fraudulent, then sold, concealed, covered up, and then sued with falsified documentation created to facilitate a default judgment, in which they simply use to abscond the property/home. I am witnessing it myself, seeing it in hoards at the courts, and hearing from many the very same thing happened to them. Hundreds of cases are filed in Central Islip NY regarding the very same thing. Massive fraud at the hands of men. A few women in the mix, but when you break down the tier of who's in control, it's usually a male. The women involved unfortunately got sucked in by men, and went down with their sinking ships. Such a compromise.

The general surveying of women has a pretty disturbing message for men. They no longer care guys. Such hatred is shown by the majority of women - Ummmm I'm scared. Men in business seem to be the worst at the top of the hatred list. If it is a women they're doing business with (not limited to any particular business or category) they are screwing the women. Our group has been personally screwed by over 40 males in business. From various rentals, services stolen, business partners plus... all "turned out" out to be dishonest, dishonorable, very disrespectful, down right liars, cheaters, thieves, abusers, and I could go on. I'll stop there and just leave it at that. It is alarming to see all of this, and I have wanted to write about it to maybe ask men in general why this is happening everywhere I look. Is it the SPRAY in the sky? Is it the poisons in the foods? Beer? WHAT is it that is making men by the masses dumber? 

It's pretty disappointing to have to be forced to admit something you had faith in now ranking in at a "complete fail", and getting worse. But that is what is happening and I truly hate to admit it. They're all right...the women that is. Men really suck, they are a major friggin turn off and that is just for starters. It is sad to see Stephen Hawking is also convinced man will not even survive another 100 years. Geneticists reports are confirming the male gender will extinct themselves. Well just great are all so FUBAR. I feel guilty spending a moments time feeling sorry for you now too. What an OxyMoron. Good way to render a race useless...dummy the aimless tail chasers going in circles, and... what would happen? what could happen? What will happen? What do you Want to happen? Those are the questions to this madness.

Women are all reporting common denominators of general lameness, complete dysfunction, lack of cooperation, refusal to honor responsibilities, and all of it means men are seemingly no longer functional "by the masses". WHY? We had no time for this kind of crap to happen, and it was imperative we join forces in cleaning this shit up...NOT making it worse! What is going on with men in their heads. Add your manly insightful comments here and let's see why men are so willing to destroy their own origin. Even a dog knows not to shit where it eats. Seriously...why do men not know this. Now a vast population of women has evolved from this manually morphed- dysfunctional behavior being exhibited (everywhere) and nobody amongst the "men group" see this? Did the deep dark plan or morphing you men work that good, that it's business as usual? All I know (at this alarming point) is that if a huge amount of men don't start setting the right example, and policing other men who are doing extreme harm to women in general y'all are really done. I am wondering if there is a way back from this now. Women in general really hate men today to a tune I never imagined. Blows me away. This is a case of your own gender killing your own, period. Curious does any "guy" think a world could run this way?

The worst part is they (the women in general) no longer care. The general report is they're being omitted. From the house, the life, and all aspects of living, working, etc.. I think it is a bad sign for our uncertain "Blank-ocracy", run by an oligarchy of unsatisfied tyrants (with excess belly fat), hoarding paper in a safe, possessing lex luther thoughts of tyranny...and let's not forget every 20 seconds...uh oh right they lost that option. lol...Go verify "that" on all the dating sites too. lol. 60,000 men looking for 6000 women uh huh...Men forget how to do math too? It is SHE who laughs loudest. Watch.

It's like an albatross in women's lives has just been cast out, thrown away, and completely forgotten. There's no mourning, missing, or memory lane. It's more like a memory wipe of trauma being erased, with a block installed to prevent it from ever happening again kind of wave coming over women now. Go ahead an ask them, any of them, all of them...everywhere you go. 

Men seem to think women are service stations at their beck and call. Women seem to think men are useless and unworthy of the hassle required to deal with them. I also see this in dog rescue. An unruly dog will be killed, and a calm cooperative dog will be adopted. So what this means is that if the general population of men continue being uncooperative with women they will be getting exactly what they ordered up. Absolutely nothing. 

So the cheerleaders for men are all gone. The plateau of crisis and burdensome chaos caused by this gender will undoubtably implode upon themselves ultimately. It is difficult to walk straight when you shoot yourself in the foot. This is what the majority of men have done, and we are currently living the consequences of their agendas. Today more women say their life is easier without the burden of a man in their life. Imagine the magnitude of that. The dating sites show this too...the women are NOT looking...not anymore. Is no one paying attention to these signs? Are we so incredibly aimless as to just ignore major-mass patterns that just jump out at you...if you look that is.

Either way we are screwed because it's happening now. It would take 100 years to fix all of this IF we were actually moving to fix it. Unfortunately tyranny prefers to continue as they are. Fraud is rampant through the system now, and gained a foothold into the outcomes of mass change. Involuntary change forced upon people while eliminating their choices. Keeping the vast population very busy with chaos is part of how to consume time for thought. Create an environment where there is no time for thought. We've arrived at the created final destination. Your life is not your own anyway. You were owned by tyranny at your first breath, and will be monetized to your last breath. In all ways possible, especially your plight. Biggest cash pipeline of all.

I almost feel like I am saying my bon voyage to men in this blog. If you knew what I knew - you would be alarmed too. Even in an idiocracy there is our Blank-ocracy there is no bliss. Anyone see any bliss? Let me know...

Circling back to Psychopaths on the loose. Yup on the loose like you wouldn't believe. Research it and learn scary things you never knew...and never wanted to know. Words cannot describe really. There is no program, no hotline, no medical process to deal with psychopaths. Until they murder and criminalize the public there is nothing. No program to scoop them up and rehabilitate them, or treat them...they are simply released, unleashed, and or ignored, misdiagnosed, and sent into society to carry out their purpose. Uh huh...What? The Ted Bundys, Dalmers, Madoffs, and more of society. The only program is jail, and they have to commit a crime to get in. Awesome process of protection for communities...wouldn't you agree? Great for population control too I would imagine. 

As the world turns...It is now the women who are driving the new train of control. What did men want the most? Ahhhhh the first thing to be crossed of the list. Comments? Insights? Anything from the male sector?

Good luck men you are really going to need it now going forward. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Friday, September 4, 2015

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