Friday, September 27, 2013

Insidious Infestation: Anti-Life

Scrutiny of male activities would be in the forefront of what the naked eye is seeing now. Consequences of repeated atrocities in tiers of destruction. The list and levels of damages is startling to be stated mildly in this article. What emerges through time, observation, personal experience, and encountering a system which could be viewed as a big vacuum of sorts. The after-crew (the system) is in place, and or created to monetize every little problem that could be anticipated in a societal structure. Upon analysis, and growing up in the structure (I was born into), I can conclude by fact, math, and experience it is an anti-women/children and anti-life structure from the start. It was destined to fail because it ignored the actual rules already in place. It is called Nature.

Arrogantly proceeding through time without any thought for the actual rules (we as intelligent beings were supposed to catch onto), that were meant to be followed. No doubt anything can be ignored in the vast universe to facilitate some male rule created for profit, (ignoring nature), and preventing another from stopping you. Or they will just bomb you and wipe you out. No room in existence for resistance, it’s futile according to their plans. The malevolent agenda at hand follows the rule of a male made itinerary. Violence or else approach which storms the general public with startling abruptness to halt all life. Life no longer has any meaning, respect, or consideration. It was cast aside long ago by profiteers who felt they were important enough to damage nature instead of respect it. Once this path was chosen history unfolded into today. Yesterdays crimes against nature, (which includes all life, humanity, the planet, and future), are todays atrocities we are trying to clean up.

According to past history we are on the precipice of humanity now, and scrambling to save ourselves in the end. It could possibly happen, but if the people are rendered towards drone-dom then we can just say good bye now. It is going to depend on the people who ‘get it’ to implement fast and appropriate plans to inevitably save Earth, and all life upon it. Our geneticists have confirmed females are superior to males, males are becoming extinct, and showing no signs of improvement to date.

Despite the release of this critical information (google genetic reports on female supremacy)...the masses of men are merely grabbing a beer, and lounging off to sleep at night, only to awake in the same drone cloud the following day. Meanwhile this casual/common behavior is right on target, and actually suggested  by the media. If only they knew what was being put into it, (their beer)...they could possibly understand why they are finding themselves trapped in this circle jerk of madness. The anti-life syndrome of involuntary forced mental intrusion of media instruction. Grab a cold one, watch the superbowl, (while the world falls apart)...We’ll just put that one on hold for now, right guys?

Mere bag of shells, that planet earth, and all of it’s women and time for that, right? Why go by the actual rules, when you can easily make your own up, and threaten people that if they don’t follow it they will punish you...while they go pump all the oil out of the earth, poison everyone’s drinking water around the hole, (and then laugh as the people complain), while you receive hoards of little papers that carry a male-made dubbed value. Thousands were poisoned, or died, but now you have a really BIG pile of little papers, this other guy says is SO powerful, and now YOU feel important because of this. A brew of cloak and dagger, with a touch programming, and let’s not forget have a paper-mache society conjured upon the basis of male made agendas which smugly confirms complete override of nature, and or the rules of nature. Following the rules of nature was not optional, it was universal. Reaching the level of indifference of nature brings us to today with astonishing consequences. Malevolent driven results from greed, force, and tyranny is our society now. All people living today are affected by all male activity. Male activity is under scrutiny now because of what is emerging so rapidly day by day.

From 2007 to present I/we have been watching, notating, monitoring, surveying, testing, and more to have to report very sad findings, and conclusions. Unfortunately it is not getting any better, it is getting much worse. The increased suppression of factual data merely compounds the dysfunction that is present. The brunt of all activities logged for the male sector of humanity is ringing in a new level and plateau of anti-life existence. Mere human words typed on a computer cannot demonstrate the intense magnitude and extent of the escalating problems we are facing as a living society. We are alive now, and are supposed to be doing something to benefit the planet, and all of it’s precious life forms.

From my own personal studies I see a very divided and segregated breakdown of groups. People are not social or interactive and more towards cocooning than anything else. Our younger people are literally glued to texting, and have trouble having a conversation that includes eye contact. Pumped full of chemicals in food, medicated and pushed along the agenda of monetization assembly line, and then off to college, (because you need to be buried in debt), before you begin to become aware that you are trapped in an enslaved structure. Don’t fret if you are a young woman going to college, (as 1 in 4 girls are raped), the dean will nicely sweep it under the carpet so it doesn’t disturb the male agenda and educational structure. The little pieces of paper take precedence over your life regardless of verbal claims to the contrary.

Young women, women and children, disabled, and elderly women are the biggest group catching the brunt of this failed structure. It was incorrect from the start, and merely served a male agenda that did not apply. Everything from the beginning was inappropriate and destined for ruin based on the historic facts before us today. One prominent human trait is that we were to learn from our past, not continuously do everything wrong over and over ending with destroying Earth, and all life. We have arrived at this point now in our timeline here. Our world geniuses feel humanity will not survive another 100 years. Does anyone see any area of concern about that? Google Stephen Hawking and read what he thinks. Don’t forget the geneticists most recent DNA reports, and call your neighbor to make a coffee date to discuss your team contribution to save the earth and all life upon it. Sound nutty? It’s not, it is what needs to happen more rapid than the speed of light...IF we are to survive that is. It is up to us...The supposed ‘smart’ beings of the planet.

The regret of being educated prevails among intellectuals around the world. The level of an intellectuals frustrations are greater than that of an average person. The sheer burden of awareness carries with it a tremendous sadness, along with a guaranteed level of loneliness. Ask any Psychologist about this. Right now it is every educated persons burden to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, because they are educated, and aware. It is the ultimate prison structure for the mind, and once it exists there is no turning back. Let the haunting begin.

It is the women and children who concern me the most right now. It is them who are being thwarted every which way possible. Look at the structure and witness what is happening to women and children. Especially ones on welfare, or seeking help due to a male skipping out on their responsibilities. It is commonplace, accepted as usual, and treated as just another number. You are reduced as a person in society, (very rudely, smugly, and automatically - as I have personally witnessed myself), and treated as low class citizens. Not one woman surveyed reported good results, or treatment from social workers, or any government entity claiming to render aid. (Excluding humanitarian non profits who DO work on behalf of women and children only).

Death of the human race is happening right now. At the hands of men...not women. When a  procedure of chasing males failing to support offspring becomes ‘usual’, THIS is when you know the entire system/structure is a complete fail. Mathematically JUMPING OUT at you as the statistics roll in. Unfortunately it is the very agenda which was created by males. Bit of a conflict there can be seen by the naked eye of scrutiny.

Here is a great example of extreme dysfunction in our current structure, (if you could call it that). A woman with children in a nearby state is abandoned by a male. She calls the state she is in to file for some sort of support, alimony, or whatever may apply. (keeping in mind she is already stranded, without income, and left in a perilous situation beyond her control). The state she is in tells her to go after him in the state he skipped to. She fills out the paperwork online to do just that, and meets the immediate opposition of: You have to physically appear in THAT state to accomplish any type of action against this male individual. BUT due to the extenuating circumstances she has been put in ‘involuntarily’ she has no option to travel so far from her location. The end.

That is actually where it stops, as she no longer counts, and the children are further victimized, and actually prevented from gaining any help. The ‘system’ actually facilitated this male being able to just literally ‘get up and walk away’ to release himself from ALL responsibility. AND there is no way for her to take any action, since he previously abandoned, stranded, stole, and prevented her from getting anywhere WHEN HE WAS THERE! This is a common scenario of male activity right now. And spoken of very matter of factly, I might add.

Today is a turning point for all women who have been reduced this way, at the hands of a male. The broad spectrum of stats, math, all groups, numbers, and conclusive reports indicate a startling path unfolding for women, and the children who are victims of this seemingly acceptable behavior of men. Is it that the entire general public is OK with this? It is alright to eradicate our own origin of life itself? Can anyone else see the mathematical problem with this? If you are killing off the supreme being chosen by nature itself, wouldn’t that be the same as shooting yourself in your own foot? Are we still people with actively firing brain cells? Or are we drones following the order of a completely illogical structure? I am seriously wondering if anyone is even awake anymore.

There is endless crisis everywhere I look, so which would take precedence? I would have to say the one that keeps the human race, and planet Earth going would be the first and foremost of top priorities. Hanging in stasis of looming death in a system we have now witnessed completely failing is unproductive, and compounding to already critical damages to women and children directly. Catering to monetization of the plight of all people. The males took down the entire system they built themselves! Specifically limited to the male sector who arrogantly and tyrannically possess forced control. The new movie headlines should read: The Men Who Destroyed America. A Destruction that was par for the course, and destined from the start. How and why it was derived plays a facilitating role in the how and why of it’s inevitable collapse. We have arrived at our final destination, on the male made rollercoaster of non-life.

On the way down to the bottom of the collapse, under the rubble is the people who believed them. Patterns emerging to the forefront of the male sector claims, promises, and agendas can no longer be denied. When the majority of a sector can be directly connected to the long list of ongoing atrocities committed against the planet, specifically women and children, people, and other lifeforms on a daily basis...This would be the alarm going off to all of mankind. It’s been sounding for quite a long time now, only to be drowned out by the media of involuntary - negative auto suggestion through constant repetition and bombardment.

The person in charge of the Fukishima incident stood before global tv crying? He was awfully sure of himself when they were lying to all people to get it built and in place way back he cries? Then the government tells people to laugh, smile and drink a lot of beer and the radiation won’t affect you? These are males who were previously trusted, when they should NOT have been. Along with all the other male individuals who also played a part in bringing nuclear energy to fruition. Remember this...It was for PROFIT! There WAS NO OTHER REASON! Welcome to the idiocracy created by the male sector ALONE! It’s not important to focus on the fact they build deadly things even they can’t get away from! They toyed with Mother Nature, and in their arrogance failed to realize she too has her own way of eradicating them! So who is the joke really on?

Males have rendered themselves extremely undesirable at this point, and anyone can research this to draw the mathematical conclusive results. These are the kind of undeniable/indisputable results that make one sink in their chair with utter disgust. We have achieved a very low level of existence now according to the actual rules of nature. The rules which according to documented history that have been completely ignored. As if mankind could accomplish this delusional act to obliterate nature. The fact is nature rules this planet, and these arrogant males should look for a more appropriate planet to insidiously infest with their garbage style of life. What ALL of this means is the male species are unable to follow rules. It is very clear at this point of history, with all the data collected, the facts laid out before all of mankind to analyze right now. It IS our guide towards the future of WHAT NOT TO DO EVER AGAIN!! If our planet IS to survive, and allow for mankind to survive with it...That is IF WE ARE WORTHY of being considered. The female sector IS the Supreme being who will be assured of survival. The male sector is rapidly extincting themselves. They never even stop to look back at what they have done. In 100 years or so there will be no males, only asexual females. Good job guys!

I was one of the few hanging onto the hope that the male sector would finally turn this around and begin worshipping their own origin of life, but it is VERY CLEAR they are completely indifferent to their own destruction of themselves. They tyrannically refuse to acknowledge they have even done anything wrong! Too many tyrants spoil the broth. We are now spiraling out of control into an alternate - mutated reality that was never conducive to our existence in the first place. However that was NEVER a consideration in the male sector. They only have 3 categories of brain function. Sex, money, and control that is it. This is what their brains revolve around, and if they don’t get it, they’ll just rape, pillage, plunder and destroy you, it, them or anyone getting in their way. AS HISTORY WOULD INDICATE AND SEVERELY DEMONSTRATE. ALL people can research all of history freely and with the greatest of ease. Hint...hint. Nothing is secret anymore. Not even what males do.

They themselves will escalate the violence and atrocities currently on the rise. There are now millions of men alone, and without a woman in their life. This is right on schedule and par for the course. Nature it taking it’s own measures to correct this for her own survival reasons. Any indigenous life on her planet is secondary. She dies...we all die. Simple math the male sector feels they can successfully ignore. It is their choice to ignore this, right? And we shall let them proceed into the darkness of their skewed, and mutated abyss of pre-destined extinction, because they are so incredibly arrogant, destructive, uncooperative, incompetent, selfish, self serving, smug, defiant, as well as (hearing this from ALL women) a MAJOR TURN OFF!

YOU seriously blew it guys, and you can keep going in your little circles of fantasy life, and delusions of lex luthor syndrome of controlling the world...but when Mother Nature sings her song...Y’ALL are wiped out of existence. Nobody I can find even feels the slightest sympathy for any male, (so far to date). I’m still trying to find some who may actually care about them and their survival. Animal rescue of dogs, and cats has moved up the ladder of priority over male rescue. Strange but happening as we speak. The general public, (especially women) could care less WHAT happens to the male sector of humanity. (Not looking too good there for men in general, or their future). It IS delusional for ANY male to think HE/THEY could control nature in the first place. Nature has taken the reigns back by force and made logical decisions to correct this in an attempt to survive what man has done to her for so long now.

Sadly the small majority of males who do actually see the light are very much caught up in the wake of ruin by their other male counterparts. Regardless of what they say to them, none of these tyrant males will even listen to their own men. Which is a very prominent indicator (math) demonstrating they can find zero cooperation amongst even themselves! Hence the many wars which have already taken place. Count the number of deaths, and get back to me on that one. As long as we continue in this dysfunctional pattern, the inevitable will be a profound result. A mad max world in the making? Obviously the tyrannical male sector WILL follow through to their own disappearance altogether. It is the ONLY thing they know, or seem to be able to employ.

If you are a male and feel strongly that we need to do an abrupt - about face in light of all the facts and startling discoveries emerging, then you belong with us. Join us in helping US (women) correct what males have done to our planet, history, and future. Each person who joins in correcting future paths, choices, and plans to stop this will be very significant in our future survival. Seemingly insignificant acts will later be the MOST significant of all. Always remember this in your personal quest and contribution to our planet, and ALL life living upon it.

No truer statement was made than in the movie 2012: When we stop fighting for each other is when humanity has lost. The Precipice of humanity is upon us now. What will YOU do to help change it? It is YOUR move now...