Sunday, July 14, 2013

Married To Monsters

Dedicated to ALL Abandoned Women And Children Globally

By D. Sears, Rev. HP

Deadbeat Dads Of Our Time...

It is with horrifying experience I write this for historic purposes and the benefit of women globally.

I spent my precious time from 1993 to 2010 with an individual who did absolutely nothing but use me in every way that was possible. Under the guise and mirage of marriage with great consciousness and covertness. I say this now, but I did not know then. It was the beginning  of 2009 when I overheard a conversation I was not supposed to. In total I overheard 4 conversations I was not supposed to hear. What I heard truly blew my mind. And I quote, “I was just using her anyway”. In addition to a host of other things he said to 4 other people privately, or so he thought. Four people who knew none of the facts either way. If women and children don’t survive then neither does humanity as a whole. I can prove this too, just like anyone else studying the numbers and paying attention.

Living the nightmare of being deceived for 16 years is very damaging to all parties concerned. From stealing all the household income, to never paying child support being his typical M.O. as well as any new money that came along that he pocketed daily. Today he is a fugitive from the law and wanted for child support. Another deadbeat dad on the loose and moving onto his next victim. NO WOMAN should even entertain being with a deadbeat dad just for reasons of it bringing very bad karma into your life! Let alone the outrageous cost the monsters incur. You will be harboring a fugitive and that is how it's handled. It just never ends once you are caught up in it...with males that is. I’m not gay either so that means I a m really screwed. Anyone see any aliens? lol (still have to have a sense of humor and smile).

Backtracking In History: Mathematically assessing profit and losses which permanently affected and hampered the future advancement. All cases of male abuse have this element. And the victim families are the ones suffering all of the losses. How ironic right? This is unacceptable to me and I am extremely offended by it, and by a process of which it is incorporated into for the profiteering on plight of abused and discriminated women and children. I can prove it is wrong mathematically, and provide answers and proof of what is correct and actually works.

When my Mom and I tallied up everything we had paid for, given, invested, and covered for him, (due to his destruction of our family) we shockingly came up with well over $500,000 dollars that had been spent on behalf of his constant lies and scams. Although we (my mother and I) thought we were building a family, and business for my daughter in the future. Which we did, and he destroyed it while he began plotting stealing to abandon ship. He was making from $1000 - $3000 per week and handing me $50 claiming he only tattooed for 20 minutes, despite the fact that I literally sat and watched him with my own eyes tattoo for over 4 hours on video cam live. But when dealing with a monster male maniac how would you argue that? I was trying to avoid him in the final days prior to his departure and he bashed my bedroom door open so hard I went flying across the room and landed on the couch. I was completely airborne and literally like out of canon was flying through the air. I am so lucky there was a couch in place to break my fall. From that point on I knew this was much worse than I had ever imagined. Now I WAS in true fear for my life. He could easily cause harm to me and I knew to steer clear of him if he was in the house. His usual hiding space was in the garage he never paid for.You wouldn’t want to argue with an individual like this when there is zero cooperation, and he’s merely a scamming con, and violent male. To the point where he is WILLING to allow his own offspring to starve and die. At his hands we died many times already. If it wasn’t for a few people who really care about us we would NOT be alive. He intentionally left us for dead and never looked back, knowing we had no food, income, car, or normal ability to survive BECAUSE HE TOOK THAT AWAY FROM US INTENTIONALLY with maliciousness.

It is likely he is still on drugs because we found a huge amount of items used by druggies where he was (who knows what) inside the garage. He was literally a squatter husband who gave back nothing, literally including gifts or any type of acknowledgment of his beautiful daughter her entire 17 years of life. So there’s no question that this is happening, and it’s out there everywhere. He actually made a conscious effort to scam and destroy his own family, yet service the world so nicely putting tons of cash in his pocket while his family starves. He lives like a gypsy hopping couch to couch for free of course, and uses each person he cons into letting him stay for free by doing tattoos or airbrushing, and other works of art. (We won’t mention any names though). He has no bank account, permanent address, vehicle, insurance, and makes cash day and night, without ever even a thought of feeding his daughter, or paying taxes. He spent the entire time we were together searching for ways to scam my family out of everything he could, and we heard the discussions we weren’t supposed to hear he knew he was caught. He immediately bailed, and abandoned his daughter and I. Never looking back and still a fugitive today.

Unfortunately he did get away with it (for now) and although the 2 states are currently looking for him he has evaded the authorities by living this way. The thing that really bothers me is that other people seem to be AOK with a male who skips on child support. Are children of no consideration anymore? The public feels it’s OK to patronize a male who does this? He seems to have no problem using the entire world as his toilet, and nobody seems to mind, as long as they get what THEY want? This is what I am seeing first hand, and it is called HARBORING A FUGITIVE. Anyone allowing a “DEADBEAT DAD” to live in their home is committing a crime. It means publicly that you condone this type of activity and are willing to go to jail for it! You CANNOT slice it up any other way. These deadbeat dads roam free and will victimize all people. If they aren’t caring for their OWN offspring, what do you think a stranger is going to rank higher than that? If the male doesn’t care about the child why would he give a second thought to the stranger he is about to scam, or already scamming. The only reason my family found about all of his activity is because we lived with him and witnessed it. Then we heard the real confirmation on the overheard phone calls and intercom. The stranger doesn’t have any clue what they are in store for, they merely think he’s a great artist and he’s so nice. Meanwhile he is actually a satanic monster beneath the facade. None of the display or presentation is real, it’s all rehearsed and ready for the next victim to be used and scammed, and then thrown away.

Unfortunately these males do not come with warning signs so how can you possibly know. Well if a guy is wanted, there’s a sign. If he owes child support and you witness him not paying it? YOU become an accessory and are implicated in helping and harboring a fugitive. People have gone to jail for this over and over, and yet they still continue to do this shameful act. All children deserve to have stability in their life, which I am not seeing at all. The system is literally overloaded with deadbeat dads in every state, I KNOW THE NUMBERS! What WE NEED to do is to band together as a people and police each other and protect each other from this. If the people are policing deadbeat dads and turning them in when they learn of it, eventually we will get a handle on it.

BUT maybe it would help YOU (the reader) to think of it as if it were your daughter/sister/cousin/mother getting married to the next deadbeat dad, or already married to an exiting dead beat dad who doesn’t pay, possibly this could help get people to take action. Once you make the choice to help them hide, and avoid the law and you remain an accessory, and your actions CANNOT BE UNDONE. When they eventually catch up with you will also go down for harboring or helping them.

I am surprised people would put their own families at risk by allowing them to stay while knowing they are fugitives from child support. The worst thing besides murder or rape a male could do to his children, family, and community is to abandon them. They (the males) are a fragmented sector of humanity gone wildly out of control, and the system cannot keep up with the droves of men doing this. Just go onto the deadbeat dad site in any state to see how many there are. If you total them, and then total the amount of individuals they are destroying (x3 -5 each, plus add in extended family members damaged also) the numbers are startling, and horrifying that things could be allowed to continue this way. Women and children ARE the fabric of our world and to allow them to be so incredibly damaged like this is unthinkable.

I personally used to work for SS in locating dead beat dads so the women and children could stay on welfare and get food. I am currently disabled now, but my plan is to apply for my P.I. License and work part time helping women and children find these deadbeats, I get to mostly sit down doing this and feel very good about volunteering my skills to help in this massive problem. I am not good at this, I am great at this, and I can brag by merit and track record. I hold top performance records in every firm I worked at even though I was being discriminated for tens of thousands of dollars in pay annually. Some cases were as much as $30,000 less than male co workers who had less skills, or experience. ALL of my work from March 9, 1982 is verifiable, including every single click I have ever made in investigations which I myself verified. So much so that I feel extremely comfortable asking for MY BACK PAY now, please. I am STILL currently being discriminated in many aspects of my life right now, including everywhere I turn for help. I am not referring to the nice people I meet in my travels, I am referring to the system, and structure we are enslaved by. It is a system of male made agendas of profiteering above life, and against the natural order and rule of nature. I welcome any challengers who wish to debate this and equal facts from any opposing side...if they’re out there...helloooooo? No answer. We’ll circle back to them.

That was in the 80’s and it was bad then, you can imagine the magnitude of it now following the collapse of our economy. People are dying, and starving with no options or way out. Women and children are forced into a host of situations beyond their control There is no way to prepare for a male to destroy a family, women are busy building them NOT destroying them. Only to be torn down by the inferior and reckless male monsters roaming free? That’s the same thing as throwing a bunch of piranhas in the pool of women and children and saying, “ Have fun guys”, and walking away. They’re out there right now looking for their next date or whom they will be victimizing next. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THEM. This is women and children we are talking about!

The dating sites are saturated with dead beat dads, sexual predators, and freaks of all kinds including murderers and rapists. There is no safe place to go on the web for this. It is the same as playing russian roulette each time you click OK. And you ask yourself, is this guy safe? How could you possibly know? There are no warning labels, or blinking lights, or sirens until you are dead. ALL women have to stop fueling THEIR OWN DEMISE by NOT being willing to go out with, or marry, live with, harbor, help, or date a guy who has done this. It has to become a societal rule among women alone to never settle for a male who has destroyed the previous family, and does not pay child support. When women do this they are compromising ALL women!  Cheating with a married man is about the worst thing you could do to another female, and you would not want it done to you. You have reduced yourself to beneath the males shoes by resorting to this low level - type of female activity. It also gives it away that you are a woman with low self esteem, low opinion of herself, and you are settling for second best with no other thought to other women, children or the future. I am personally offended by women who do this, and it shows me they are lost.

The odds are stacked against women and there appears no end in sight. Unfortunately our authorities are too busy with the rampant criminal activity on the rise. Women are the superior being yet treated worse than any other being on the planet. This in itself is astounding that a sector of a population could actually fragment themselves and consciously destroy their OWN ORIGIN. Which is likely the foundation for what the geneticists have discovered now. Males are extincting themselves! Natures way of eradicating AN INVASIVE, VIOLENT SPECIES. Only the males are headed in this direction according to the geneticists and their reports.

As far as I am concerned they can all just spontaneously combust, (the bad ones), and us women will JUST sweep up the mess and move on as a race who can advance. Call me harsh, but I have my 30 years experience, studies, all facts, and mathematics to prove all of it. And yes I did study spontaneous human combustion and believe I can also prove that there is an exact mathematical equation that equals that phenomenon too. I just need to borrow someones lab, and techies for a year or so. Call me a nerd, but I love to study and I am not stopping anytime soon. All of my studies and findings belong to the people, with women maintaining it of course. I study for their benefit, education and support. Regardless of any opposition that may come along. I welcome all challengers to present factual scenarios to be debated.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Supreme Female: The True Ruler Of Life

At The Hands Of Men...
On behalf of Women globally: by Ms. D. Sears, Rev. HP June 16, 2013

Our world around us crumbles into the abyss of chaos as we watch. The mass disrespect men have shown women, children, other life forms, and our planet is truly astonishing and flabbergasting which puts it very mildly. Our status as a race of scientifically proven intelligent beings contradicts what WE are seeing. Bearing witness to the very long list of atrocities specifically at the hands of men which continues to grow is underwhelming. Is it me? Are WE actually allowing this to happen? People can see clearly that this CAN be corrected to serve humanity and the planet better, and more appropriately by the rules of Nature. The actual rules that prevail in our world of symbiotic existence. Specifically men being exposed as a fragmented metamorphosed segregated part of the human race  gone out of control historically fitting the description of infestation.

People bearing witness and doing nothing is a large slice of the pie. People who merely stand idle are actually shouting out, "It's OK by me if you do this". Each individual obviously cannot carry the burdens of the world alone, but as a unit our population can by doing it together. The people do indeed have the right to protect themselves. Quite possibly the current system was destined to fail because it goes against the grain of nature. The structure we  have just witnessed collapsing was in fact destined to when looking back at how it was derived and why. What the main focal point was, and still is. As a result of poor planning and the main objective of profiteering being the consequences to what we are now living. Instead of basing objectives on enhancement of life in general with respect for our planet it was geared to completely ignore these aspects as if written out of existence. As if that could really be done.

The results speak for themselves today, and we are a people who can adapt accordingly. People "thought" things were better than they were because of the deceit utilized in manipulating them. Through many sources of communication we are deluged with data that ill programs anyone willing to listen. It is geared to direct and control particular paths for people to choose. In studies of the brain it was found people do in fact respond to programing of all sorts. As long as it is steady it will streamline the individual to do whatever is instructed. The scientific reports on this are literally endless and cannot be read by one person alone. It is a demonstration of intentional control cloaked under the idea of freedom. Which by the way does not fit the structure in any way.

It can be proven mathematically that if 92.7 percent of your income is spent for you, then you are not free, but enslaved by a system that was geared to control you. Under the pretense and facade of freedom. When a society reaches a level of dysfunction such as having to capture men in droves just to collect child support this is an indication the structure is a complete fail. The meaning of life has been lost, and the population has been geared to cash in on this plight caused by the system failure itself. Affordance, and allowance of continued crimes and atrocities merely demonstrates the lack of educated management that is able to differentiate between a system that works, and one that doesn't. It is a guarantee of failure to structure an entire country revolving solely around profit. Foresight can expose the negative results, as does our own history. Ill focused, and ill conceived ideas of how to control a people which in itself is the wrong approach.

The people themselves now have the chance to gear how they want their own lives to go. It is very obvious that the collapse of their own personal lives will prompt them into action never seen before. People are now watching how their lives were treated and handled, and continuing to be handled much to their dismay, and disappointment. There is a great sadness present among all people right now. The level and magnitude of this sadness has reached historic proportions not felt by humanity before. The mass depression forced upon all of humanity demonstrates the lack of care and concern afforded by the structure in the first place. It was never there in other words, and written in such a manner of being construed as something good, but would not be conducive for human life, planetary survival and functioning ability, as well as all other life which man has been caused to become extinct. The indifference to life shown by men specifically will dictate their own extinction at their own hands as the geneticists have now discovered.

Our world genius Stephen Hawking feels certain humanity will not survive another 100 years. His reasons for this conclusion are well founded and meritorious based on the current status of humanities actions. Viewed as one substantiated possibility, and actually likely it would behoove the people who ARE paying attention to now take the necessary action to correct it. We are now witnessing this huge change blanketing the globe. The divided societal result of profiteering on the plight of a people, instead of gearing it for the benefit of all. Greed and deception portraying something that is allegedly good, when in fact it is not. It is a method of trickery to cloak the truth under the guise of a mirage. Keeping the people running toward a mirage that does not actually exist is the very same thing as putting a piece of cheese in a mouse trap. Go ahead take a's free!

Recounting research and studies that connect into the matrix of civilization today completes the puzzle of a society built on a house of cards. Now very public and known, and being lived by it's constituents who are literally trapped in a web of total deceit with certain prompts of reaction further compounding the effect. Rendering an entire population useless is no easy task. The result of complete indifference to the actual meaning of life is the general rule or modus operandi. Tyrannically compounding the past atrocities with new atrocities in a cloak and dagger fashion. Let's not forget how it is they came into any of this power in the first place. By force and tyrannical acts known to be  criminal. Bringing coercion to the forefront and pushing humanity to the depths of utter starvation and extinction for the sole purpose of profit. Completely opposite of the approach that should be taken. It is plain for the eye to see, yet humanity has been convinced otherwise, and all for the wrong reasons to boot.

As humanity slept in innocence a sneak attack on life itself has taken place. Obliterating the ability to function in sync as nature intended and instructed, as if it were negotiable. The fact is it was never negotiable or to be manipulated for the benefit of a small group. It was not to be used as a tool for tyrants to make a profit on. Man, and men decided this pillage of the planet for profiteering only. No other reason can be found other than this in all industries which cause harm to our planet. It is an unmitigated Gaul and smug defiance of nature itself. We only breathe life because of Earth, not the other way around. Complete indifference has been to shown to Earth, and all life upon it. As history demonstrates over and over leading right up to this moment in time.

Nature fortunately has her own mechanism and method of cleansing things. It has always been this way and will continue for the life duration of Earth. At the hands of men though extreme consequences can be seen throughout the world. Humanity is the witness to this and feels hindered in taking the necessary action to remedy it. It is massive and beyond ones control and therefore typically overwhelms an individual to tune it out. Whether right or wrong when overwhelmed by something the mental state of acceptance takes over in order to find some way to deal with the awareness of atrocious events. Exposed in the categories of human traits that have been studied for centuries. If we know twenty percent of how things work in nature it would be reassuring. The margin of unknown in a mathematical equation is likely 60% at a guess. When you attempt to calculate massive numbers to deduce the vastness of what we don't know it exposes the uncharted regions of our existence. Is it that humanity is here for the sole purpose of profit at the expense of existence? It would certainly seem this way upon analysis and conclusive data indicating such.

In a 30 year period of study and research, mathematical equations are a result. Identification of negative and positive assessments are indisputable. Global streamlining at the hands of men is openly exposed and verifiable. The omission and removal, destruction, or force utilized to manipulate masses is also exposed. Results of current damages publicly displayed are tracked backwards to the initial incorrect decision allowing it to commence. The damages as a result of tracking backwards are also exposed with the conclusive results of a negative equation that equals death. A structure of negative equations enslaving masses from birth to death. Harnessing the breath of life and converting it to death by way of environmental control. Referred to appropriately by us as Lex Luthor Syndrome. A control that doesn't actually exist, but employed as if it does anyway. Bringing forth the exposure of tyranny and pillaging of humanity, all wildlife, and planet Earth. More like mad hatters run a muck would be the more popular opinion.

Lack of nutrition and nutrient deprivation is also a form of control around the world. When a body cannot function it cannot make intelligent decisions. The trickery used to convince you to head down obesity highway is the bait and lure of the manipulation. Bombardment of programming as a tool of manipulation is at the forefront of obesity, and many other plights forced upon humanity. One good example of enslavement to profiteering at the cost of human life, the meaning of life, and destruction of the planet all at the same time. This is our current status of non existence and we are on a path of men (specifically) becoming extinct according to the geneticists as well as world geniuses.

Women globally are in tune with alarming negative plateaus of all life including the life status our Earth has reached. In a maternal, supreme, instinctual, natural manner unknown and not experienced by men. Men have made their presentation before us globally. Divide the entire population into male and female and the results of what is exposed is completely startling. Weighing in the activities of the male sector v. the female sector, the results of the male sector are horrifying beyond verbal description. No words could describe the magnitude of atrocious demonstration documented and seen by all of the male sector of our existence. It can be concluded their demonstration is a complete disgrace, and explains and confirms natures reason for allowing them to extinct themselves. Natures own rule of trickery will inevitably prevail beyond the arrogant  minds of inferior male species reliant on female supremacy to give them life. Nature sees fit to eradicate them completely as geneticists have now discovered. There are other species who are asexual in nature, and it is believed that nature will establish new protocol as women become asexual as well. Unless of course the male sector of humanity can gain the cooperation of each other to put a stop to it, and finally concede to their natural realm of existence with females ruling all activity. Females being the supreme being on Earth would nurture and protect Earth and all of it’s constituents as a whole. All of what can be seen of the male sector of humanity confirms they should not be in power being they are not facilitated to handle it in the first place.

Let’s get technical for a moment. So many reports rushing to the forefront of studies on males and their behavioral activities including brain and mental function. Starting right there at the beginning with what a mans mind revolves around vs. what a womans mind revolves around. Huge studies continue in this area and have verifiably confirmed and exposed everything necessary to facilitate the conclusion that women only should be in all positions of power as opposed to the lesser male being. This is not opinion but fact from unlimited massive studies and research still currently being conducted, and available to anyone.

Women are connected to life, and cannot be disconnected as profiteers see fit. Profiteers feel they can alter the meaning of life itself, for a “male made” agenda of profit, in which they cannot. These are the thoughts, plans, actions, and methods currently in use by male powers only. Man was only able to accomplish this control by force, not intelligence as history shows over and over. Our timeline throughout world history exposes everything we need to know in order to do an about face, and finally get it right in an attempt to literally save humanity, all life forms, and Earth in a synchronized manner of prioritization. Women are equipped to work in vastness of chaos bringing order to create stability. Wired to do this naturally and methodically yielding greater results of accomplishment for the right reasons.

It is women who will re-establish and reinstall the meaning of life by supreme instinctual nature. Despite history going the way it did does not mean that it is or was acceptable in any way. In fact it was not, is not, and will never be acceptable as long as there are women prevailing as the supreme being on the planet. Women should not be being viewed as the weaker species, but rather true to what they are. They are the more intelligent species above all others including males who obviously cannot exist without them.

The male population unfortunately has reached a deflection stage where they have worn out their welcome in the presence of many females they wish to procreate with. A veil of utter disgust has befallen men due to the complete indifference exhibited towards women they have repeatedly demonstrated. Mass disrespect, incorporated wilful discrimination against women as normal process, complete disregard for life itself, and the tyranny of taking being the only way left for them to possess anything. Self imploding, self inflicted with destined problematic demonstrations of inept, and or inadequate decision making ability. It was never there in the first place, and the documented acts of tyranny throughout history further prove this.

Males were not meant to lead, they were meant to serve as a component in a complex matrix of nature. Realizing this may be hard to comprehend being it is the actual structure of nature, which we were supposed to follow. The natural order of all things great and small. Each component helps balance the intricate and delicate nature of the matrix. Throw one component out, and we have complete chaos and imbalance. Women will bring this balance back, restoring order where order was lost, and it is happening as we speak. And it is marvelous in our eyes.

Our future will be treated with the utmost respect and it is women alone who will make sure of this. You can thank all gods and goddesses for this spiritual awakening prompted by males themselves. Women are indeed paying attention and will usher in a way of life far more superior than any creation of a male. A way of life that is humanistic based for the benefit of all life including Earth. Women being the supreme being will be the answer to sustaining life beyond the negative outlooks displayed by scientists. It the women alone who are able to change this around. The males have already made their presentation, remember?

Our world today is in grave danger of ceasing to exist which is why drastic changes are necessary for our own survival. The woman being the supreme being is equipped to handle this mass change, and bringing it about. They are the only species who could possibly accomplish this great feat with the  precipice being upon us. The threat of humanity coming to an end would be considered of the highest and utmost importance to women. The fact is that the males are already fully aware of all of it, and continue as they are, mindlessly, and aimlessly without consideration for the future or correct priorities. The priorities of a male are viewed and perceived in a lesser intelligent structure and matrix than that of a females and her  priorities. In fact they are at opposite ends of the spectrum to accurately describe it.

Beginning with nature and all of it’s intricate components which make up our structure of life. The structure meant to be in place was of a complex nature beyond our comprehension levels. In nature supremacy rules everything beneath it. All beings were to follow the natural order of things, and this is where things went awry with the males as it is demonstrated throughout history. They are not equipped to handle it and have proven this fact beyond any shadow of doubt.

It is found that many people today make excuses for men, and their many issues of dysfunction in society. The programming of this was instilled in them from the start. All activities of males should be controlled, overseen, and approved by a women before being allowed to commence. Had this been in place already we would not be threatened with extinction at this early point in our evolution. Earth will evolve to remove us if this natural order is not adhered to. It was never negotiable by and for men, they simply took it by force. The proof lies with all that has been done already, had a woman been designated to control, oversee, and manage all of the things you and I can think of, undoubted better results would have occurred.

Many people have a problem with the actual truth and facts. Of course we would expect this from males due to their inability to function as a woman. Their position is to serve and worship the supreme females who create life, bring order, stability and prosperity to all life. Something humanity yearns for but has never had. Instead we have a world revolving around slavery, sex traffic formed business, total disrespect of women and children, constant destruction of all walks of life as we continue to watch...At The Hands Of Men.

A great component that has been concluded as missing is LOVE. A component that can only be established by women. The world belongs to women and always has. Tracking back through time and history all people can reach the very same conclusion if they are willing to study. Our written reports, and articles are made public for the benefit and education of all. Our world is a living entity of the highest consideration beyond our current comprehension levels. In awe and silence of it’s overwhelming vastness now with the veil of misguidance being lifted, and action being taken to afford the life of Earth to continue without threat of male acts of violence against her well being and survival. The Love and care of a planet is of a maternal instinct of females. Supreme selection of women by nature itself.

Humanity is dependent on the supreme female continuing our existence. Mathematically exposing the facts of the male population being shunned at this point. In general females are completely disgusted with them, and all that they do. Anyone can research just the dating sites alone and come up with the same conclusion. Which in turn means there are now droves of men who remain alone in their search for a women who they will likely cheat on, disrespect, dishonor, beat, and all the other things we could list here that they will do. And women should be OK with this? We are all witnessing this happening right now. Living beside each other wondering where to start to fix it. What can ONE WOMAN do? Stay tuned...

Supremacy means exactly that, of the highest of all existence. Treating it any other way other than that would be futile, and most illogical. You cannot negotiate, or change the flow of natural order. Unfortunately males through history taking control by force with continued generations of tyranny have failed to figure this out. Hence the continued wars, famine, and destruction of Earth in their own personal quest for profit. We have found no other reason for any of the atrocities committed against the planet, humanity, and all life upon it. Our world today is solely geared for profit above life.

One WOMAN can change the world as we have also seen throughout history. Women just have to be reminded and empowered back into the positions of control in our final attempt to sustain humanity, wildlife, and planetary life, which is first and foremost for the establishment of our complex and delicate balance of nature. Nature dictates all of this not the male species. They operate through no authorization or authority over the real rule of nature. The ruler who will allow the males to extinct themselves. Quite an intelligent reaction when one looks at the big picture. As they continue to build collapsing empires of blood based conquering.

Although there is a small majority of men who now realize how all of this went so incredibly wrong. They are with the women now and will remain behind the women as the future unfolds. The Matriarchs will no longer stand for this malevolent activity. It can never be said that it was women who did this to humanity, wildlife and the planet, and as historic data is created it just proves it even more today.

Today we have an opportunity to afford ourselves the option of making a great effort to instate the rules of nature. Our final guide to sustain humanity, all life forms, and planet Earth is to begin with what nature originally intended. It is the ONLY place to start in order to get it right. If all males of a position of power handed over their power to the female sitting next to them sudden positive change would occur at a lightning speed rate. Women waste no time in their methods of operation, protection, and organization of life. Immediate instinctual nature takes over, and everything else falls into place as it was meant to be. Only a women would be able to comprehend the matrix of this complex position in the universe, and in nature on Earth. Women are a deep part of Earth, and act appropriately in consideration of life and well being. Born of supremacy and in no need of special training to accomplish a productive, harmonious balanced life in sync with nature.

Who is interested in what we describe? Many as you can see from the direct hit map below. This is only 3 months worth of traffic. Our sites have been hit by just about every sovereign that has access to internet. Math that cannot be disputed and people are indeed searching for answers and options globally. THAT is what WE focus on...Solutions.

Our future, survival,  and freedom lies within the maintained strength of the supreme female population with them being able to operate freely without constraints or interference. Supremacy will not be denied simply because the lesser species acts inappropriately towards them. That is merely a cloak and mirage of something that doesn’t even exist. They had no power in the first place, or Love for that matter and merely “took” what they wanted to possess. Any male can accomplish the same barbaric act. And a women would not even entertain the very thought, unless her own body of people were threatened. As seen throughout history which remains our guide to the future by way of tribulation through male misplaced dominance. They dominate by force of tyranny rather than actual merit, and intelligence,  all the while going against the natural order. Resulting in the long list of atrocities in their wake of mass destruction and death.

Today we are educated enough to rise above this failed structure implementing new options parallel to what already exists. The wisdom of women who have the solutions ingrained in them from birth are the chosen saviours of all life. Not a hypothesis of possibility, but stable behavior and maternal knowledge being applied to resolve illogical methods which historically failed. It is women who are equipped to handle this, as we can see the results of men across the land. It is mathematically obvious exactly how we arrived at this place and time in history. The answer for the planet, humanity and all life lies with women alone, and the men are a component of them. It has always been this way, and will remain this way for the duration of life on planet Earth. The Supreme Female IS the true ruler of our existence.


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