Sunday, July 14, 2013

Married To Monsters

Dedicated to ALL Abandoned Women And Children Globally

By D. Sears, Rev. HP

Deadbeat Dads Of Our Time...

It is with horrifying experience I write this for historic purposes and the benefit of women globally.

I spent my precious time from 1993 to 2010 with an individual who did absolutely nothing but use me in every way that was possible. Under the guise and mirage of marriage with great consciousness and covertness. I say this now, but I did not know then. It was the beginning  of 2009 when I overheard a conversation I was not supposed to. In total I overheard 4 conversations I was not supposed to hear. What I heard truly blew my mind. And I quote, “I was just using her anyway”. In addition to a host of other things he said to 4 other people privately, or so he thought. Four people who knew none of the facts either way. If women and children don’t survive then neither does humanity as a whole. I can prove this too, just like anyone else studying the numbers and paying attention.

Living the nightmare of being deceived for 16 years is very damaging to all parties concerned. From stealing all the household income, to never paying child support being his typical M.O. as well as any new money that came along that he pocketed daily. Today he is a fugitive from the law and wanted for child support. Another deadbeat dad on the loose and moving onto his next victim. NO WOMAN should even entertain being with a deadbeat dad just for reasons of it bringing very bad karma into your life! Let alone the outrageous cost the monsters incur. You will be harboring a fugitive and that is how it's handled. It just never ends once you are caught up in it...with males that is. I’m not gay either so that means I a m really screwed. Anyone see any aliens? lol (still have to have a sense of humor and smile).

Backtracking In History: Mathematically assessing profit and losses which permanently affected and hampered the future advancement. All cases of male abuse have this element. And the victim families are the ones suffering all of the losses. How ironic right? This is unacceptable to me and I am extremely offended by it, and by a process of which it is incorporated into for the profiteering on plight of abused and discriminated women and children. I can prove it is wrong mathematically, and provide answers and proof of what is correct and actually works.

When my Mom and I tallied up everything we had paid for, given, invested, and covered for him, (due to his destruction of our family) we shockingly came up with well over $500,000 dollars that had been spent on behalf of his constant lies and scams. Although we (my mother and I) thought we were building a family, and business for my daughter in the future. Which we did, and he destroyed it while he began plotting stealing to abandon ship. He was making from $1000 - $3000 per week and handing me $50 claiming he only tattooed for 20 minutes, despite the fact that I literally sat and watched him with my own eyes tattoo for over 4 hours on video cam live. But when dealing with a monster male maniac how would you argue that? I was trying to avoid him in the final days prior to his departure and he bashed my bedroom door open so hard I went flying across the room and landed on the couch. I was completely airborne and literally like out of canon was flying through the air. I am so lucky there was a couch in place to break my fall. From that point on I knew this was much worse than I had ever imagined. Now I WAS in true fear for my life. He could easily cause harm to me and I knew to steer clear of him if he was in the house. His usual hiding space was in the garage he never paid for.You wouldn’t want to argue with an individual like this when there is zero cooperation, and he’s merely a scamming con, and violent male. To the point where he is WILLING to allow his own offspring to starve and die. At his hands we died many times already. If it wasn’t for a few people who really care about us we would NOT be alive. He intentionally left us for dead and never looked back, knowing we had no food, income, car, or normal ability to survive BECAUSE HE TOOK THAT AWAY FROM US INTENTIONALLY with maliciousness.

It is likely he is still on drugs because we found a huge amount of items used by druggies where he was (who knows what) inside the garage. He was literally a squatter husband who gave back nothing, literally including gifts or any type of acknowledgment of his beautiful daughter her entire 17 years of life. So there’s no question that this is happening, and it’s out there everywhere. He actually made a conscious effort to scam and destroy his own family, yet service the world so nicely putting tons of cash in his pocket while his family starves. He lives like a gypsy hopping couch to couch for free of course, and uses each person he cons into letting him stay for free by doing tattoos or airbrushing, and other works of art. (We won’t mention any names though). He has no bank account, permanent address, vehicle, insurance, and makes cash day and night, without ever even a thought of feeding his daughter, or paying taxes. He spent the entire time we were together searching for ways to scam my family out of everything he could, and we heard the discussions we weren’t supposed to hear he knew he was caught. He immediately bailed, and abandoned his daughter and I. Never looking back and still a fugitive today.

Unfortunately he did get away with it (for now) and although the 2 states are currently looking for him he has evaded the authorities by living this way. The thing that really bothers me is that other people seem to be AOK with a male who skips on child support. Are children of no consideration anymore? The public feels it’s OK to patronize a male who does this? He seems to have no problem using the entire world as his toilet, and nobody seems to mind, as long as they get what THEY want? This is what I am seeing first hand, and it is called HARBORING A FUGITIVE. Anyone allowing a “DEADBEAT DAD” to live in their home is committing a crime. It means publicly that you condone this type of activity and are willing to go to jail for it! You CANNOT slice it up any other way. These deadbeat dads roam free and will victimize all people. If they aren’t caring for their OWN offspring, what do you think a stranger is going to rank higher than that? If the male doesn’t care about the child why would he give a second thought to the stranger he is about to scam, or already scamming. The only reason my family found about all of his activity is because we lived with him and witnessed it. Then we heard the real confirmation on the overheard phone calls and intercom. The stranger doesn’t have any clue what they are in store for, they merely think he’s a great artist and he’s so nice. Meanwhile he is actually a satanic monster beneath the facade. None of the display or presentation is real, it’s all rehearsed and ready for the next victim to be used and scammed, and then thrown away.

Unfortunately these males do not come with warning signs so how can you possibly know. Well if a guy is wanted, there’s a sign. If he owes child support and you witness him not paying it? YOU become an accessory and are implicated in helping and harboring a fugitive. People have gone to jail for this over and over, and yet they still continue to do this shameful act. All children deserve to have stability in their life, which I am not seeing at all. The system is literally overloaded with deadbeat dads in every state, I KNOW THE NUMBERS! What WE NEED to do is to band together as a people and police each other and protect each other from this. If the people are policing deadbeat dads and turning them in when they learn of it, eventually we will get a handle on it.

BUT maybe it would help YOU (the reader) to think of it as if it were your daughter/sister/cousin/mother getting married to the next deadbeat dad, or already married to an exiting dead beat dad who doesn’t pay, possibly this could help get people to take action. Once you make the choice to help them hide, and avoid the law and you remain an accessory, and your actions CANNOT BE UNDONE. When they eventually catch up with you will also go down for harboring or helping them.

I am surprised people would put their own families at risk by allowing them to stay while knowing they are fugitives from child support. The worst thing besides murder or rape a male could do to his children, family, and community is to abandon them. They (the males) are a fragmented sector of humanity gone wildly out of control, and the system cannot keep up with the droves of men doing this. Just go onto the deadbeat dad site in any state to see how many there are. If you total them, and then total the amount of individuals they are destroying (x3 -5 each, plus add in extended family members damaged also) the numbers are startling, and horrifying that things could be allowed to continue this way. Women and children ARE the fabric of our world and to allow them to be so incredibly damaged like this is unthinkable.

I personally used to work for SS in locating dead beat dads so the women and children could stay on welfare and get food. I am currently disabled now, but my plan is to apply for my P.I. License and work part time helping women and children find these deadbeats, I get to mostly sit down doing this and feel very good about volunteering my skills to help in this massive problem. I am not good at this, I am great at this, and I can brag by merit and track record. I hold top performance records in every firm I worked at even though I was being discriminated for tens of thousands of dollars in pay annually. Some cases were as much as $30,000 less than male co workers who had less skills, or experience. ALL of my work from March 9, 1982 is verifiable, including every single click I have ever made in investigations which I myself verified. So much so that I feel extremely comfortable asking for MY BACK PAY now, please. I am STILL currently being discriminated in many aspects of my life right now, including everywhere I turn for help. I am not referring to the nice people I meet in my travels, I am referring to the system, and structure we are enslaved by. It is a system of male made agendas of profiteering above life, and against the natural order and rule of nature. I welcome any challengers who wish to debate this and equal facts from any opposing side...if they’re out there...helloooooo? No answer. We’ll circle back to them.

That was in the 80’s and it was bad then, you can imagine the magnitude of it now following the collapse of our economy. People are dying, and starving with no options or way out. Women and children are forced into a host of situations beyond their control There is no way to prepare for a male to destroy a family, women are busy building them NOT destroying them. Only to be torn down by the inferior and reckless male monsters roaming free? That’s the same thing as throwing a bunch of piranhas in the pool of women and children and saying, “ Have fun guys”, and walking away. They’re out there right now looking for their next date or whom they will be victimizing next. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THEM. This is women and children we are talking about!

The dating sites are saturated with dead beat dads, sexual predators, and freaks of all kinds including murderers and rapists. There is no safe place to go on the web for this. It is the same as playing russian roulette each time you click OK. And you ask yourself, is this guy safe? How could you possibly know? There are no warning labels, or blinking lights, or sirens until you are dead. ALL women have to stop fueling THEIR OWN DEMISE by NOT being willing to go out with, or marry, live with, harbor, help, or date a guy who has done this. It has to become a societal rule among women alone to never settle for a male who has destroyed the previous family, and does not pay child support. When women do this they are compromising ALL women!  Cheating with a married man is about the worst thing you could do to another female, and you would not want it done to you. You have reduced yourself to beneath the males shoes by resorting to this low level - type of female activity. It also gives it away that you are a woman with low self esteem, low opinion of herself, and you are settling for second best with no other thought to other women, children or the future. I am personally offended by women who do this, and it shows me they are lost.

The odds are stacked against women and there appears no end in sight. Unfortunately our authorities are too busy with the rampant criminal activity on the rise. Women are the superior being yet treated worse than any other being on the planet. This in itself is astounding that a sector of a population could actually fragment themselves and consciously destroy their OWN ORIGIN. Which is likely the foundation for what the geneticists have discovered now. Males are extincting themselves! Natures way of eradicating AN INVASIVE, VIOLENT SPECIES. Only the males are headed in this direction according to the geneticists and their reports.

As far as I am concerned they can all just spontaneously combust, (the bad ones), and us women will JUST sweep up the mess and move on as a race who can advance. Call me harsh, but I have my 30 years experience, studies, all facts, and mathematics to prove all of it. And yes I did study spontaneous human combustion and believe I can also prove that there is an exact mathematical equation that equals that phenomenon too. I just need to borrow someones lab, and techies for a year or so. Call me a nerd, but I love to study and I am not stopping anytime soon. All of my studies and findings belong to the people, with women maintaining it of course. I study for their benefit, education and support. Regardless of any opposition that may come along. I welcome all challengers to present factual scenarios to be debated.